Technology in Schools

Here’s a great short article that sets out the seven rules for technology use in schools from the author of ‘The Tech Commandments’, Adam S Bellow. The rules he set out here really resonated with me and are very much in accord with the way that our thinking has gone to shape the school’s IT policy recently:

Seven Golden Rules for Technology

In pursuit of the first rule, we have been moving towards a hybrid approach – still having computer labs, but also putting a small number of network connections and PCs in to each classroom.

If there was to be an eighth rule here, one that flows out of many of the others in my opinion is that technology in school is no longer the domain of a small ‘geek brigade’ of teachers and technicians who ‘teach computers’. They used to be the people to oversee those special rooms where the computers were. Now the technology is everyone’s business and nobody’s special domain.

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