IB Results – Batch of 2009-2011

We had already seen very strong results from our students this year in ICSE, ISC and NIOS, so we were waiting for this week’s International Baccalaureate results with keen anticipation. They haven’t disappointed us.

Attached is a short summary of the results highlights:

IB Results TSRS 2009-2011

Special congratulations must go to Bhavya Bishnoi, last year’s Head of Student Council at Phase III campus who really pulled out the stops and put maximum effort in – rewarded with 43 points, the highest aggregate score so far achieved by a TSRS student. I understand he will be heading off to the London School of Economics for further studies and wish him well.

In the same week as the results come out it’s interesting to see an international survey conclude that the IB Diploma is “the top passport to international education”. A lot of parents we talk with suggest that as they are aware of students going overseas to top universities after taking ISC, there is inadequate justification to direct their child towards the IB Diploma. However, this article from the New York Times looking at those survey results suggests otherwise:

New York Times Article

The article is also interesting in terms of some of the observations given by top universities in the world about what they are seeking in candidates.


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