‘Forced’ Inclusion in Private Schools

I’m posting here, for those members of the TSRS community who may not have seen or read, the Wall Street Journal article published recently;

Wall Street Journal – ‘Experiment at TSRS’

The article looks at the challenges experienced in TSRS in the early stages of ‘EWS inclusion’ in the Vasant Vihar campus. It’s thought provoking in its analysis, but I believe misses going on to look at the longer term impact on the children concerned. One of my biggest worries is that this social engineering experiment is going on without any evidence of the longer term implications socially or psychologically for the children involved.


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  1. ‘ Forced Inclusion’- is an eye opener for the times ahead …for the learner as well as for the teacher. As a teacher of TSRS, I have begun to brave myself and am also contemplating to take up Hindi lessons to teach SST and Science in this medium. Well, that is a preparation that we as adults can manage, prioritize and execute…
    But, I often wonder what goes on in the minds of these children after attending a birthday party or a play date at an affluent classmate’s house. Does it trigger in them an excitement to learn and be a thinking individual or will they grow up with the need to do well in life [ as their parents dream of….]
    As an educator, I feel that we are faced with the responsibility of an uphill task of creating the most amicable and successful atmosphere in our classroom where careful planning for differential learning is the undisputed norm. Yet again doubts do creep up about lesson planning content, meeting year end milestones for every individual student etc..
    I am sure this is a challenge that every fellow educator will cope up with looking at the end result but in our daily teaching we will need a lot of support in terms of added learning support …if we are to meet the learning needs from the gifted to the challenged…

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