Testing Children to Death to Assess Teachers

Here’s a great set of 8 short perspectives from different professionals in the education field in the US. They share their perspectives on the current US political obsession with testing children in order to produce ‘objective data’ to use for assessing teachers’ performance.

I’m all for professional standards for teachers and education professionals. I love the thought of a system that uses genuine assessment to determine who are the great teachers and to then motivate and reward them appropriately. To get to that, we need to break down some existing entrenched ways, such as paying teachers based on experience and qualifications, accepting mediocrity or even bad teaching from those who might have lost their love for the work etc. However, none of that justifies the routes being taken, pushed by politicians spouting ‘accountability’.

I found a great deal of sense in comments from the final two contributors who suggested that great school leadership and empowered Principals mean you don’t need to go down this road:

New York Times – Room for Debate


2 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Parkinson,
    Came across this interesting OPEN project in education –

    Nick Cammarata and David Merfield are working on OPEN, a project that aims to flip the industrial-scale classroom experience. Instead of wasting time lecturing (content OPEN’s online videos are better at providing), teachers using the platform will get to use class time for more one-to-one tutoring with students on the hard problems. With a decade of programming experience, Nick has worked for Microsoft, Stanford, and Mozilla and is an active contributor to several open-source projects. David has designed web interfaces used by millions of people around the world. He has lived and been educated in England, Singapore, France, and the USA.


    (M/O Niharika Class 6A)

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