Forgot to Mention – The End of the World!

While I was visiting America I spent an enjoyable weekend exploring San Francisco. Well, when I say enjoyable, I was having a great time until a respectable middle aged lady in the street handed me a leaflet informing me that the world is going to end.

Just to add to the feeling of anxiety I was offered these same leaflets on two other occasions. Now, I don’t want to get anyone worried, but the date given on all these leaflets was 21st May. Yes, I know – that’s Saturday and if they’re right we’ve all got barely 72 hours left!

Here’s the story from NBC News.

NBC News Story

As for me – out of sheer willful cussedness I’ve written a ‘To Do’ list for Sunday. I wish it could include the chance to go back and ask the nice lady in San Francisco how she and her friends could have got so confused..


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