Spring Break in Rishikesh

Evidence of just how busy things have been – I hadn’t had the chance to post these pictures from March. I decided that I deserved a little break in March, so decided to take Thomas for a bit of a ‘boys adventure’. So, we set out before dawn to reach Rishikesh by road.

The first couple of hours went pretty well, until an unfortunate ‘short cut’ proved to be a roller coaster, very rutted road. This proved too much for poor Thomas and we had quite a drama. Thankfully, he was then able to sleep for a couple of hours to get over the worst effects.

Thankfully, by the time we reached Haridwar, he was awake and feeling much better.

Rishikesh was beautiful and fascinating, whilst at the same time living up to every tourist book clichΓ© – the sadhus and the western hippies around in big numbers.

We arrived at Camp Panther of Snow Leopard just in time for lunch. The camp is beautiful, has a great chef and is the perfect base for rafting, chilling out and soaking up the stunning scenery. Ajit Bajaj (see last post – he’s now in a much colder place!!) was the perfect host. The camps are really professionally run, pay lots of careful attention to safety standards and provide a wonderful outdoor experience. This was our tent – the last one on the right:

Before we could think too much about it we were changed and on our way to the river for our first rafting experience. Being only 9 Thomas wasn’t allowed to do most of the bigger rapids. Within minutes of hitting the water any trepidation I might have had about how he would take to it were completely out of my mind. He was as comfortable with the water as I had always been as a boy. He requested to accompany Ajit in the kayak while the rest of us went in the raft. Our company on this and the two following days were the Nanda family. Sheer coincidence – it’s a small world – oldest daughter a TSRS alumni now studying at St Andrews, youngest daughter, Class X in TSRS, Phase III.

Well, we discovered that Thomas and I both love rafting – we’re sure to be back to Rishikesh soon. There are some more photos to come, and (I’m hoping) some video of us navigating the ‘Golf Course’ – one of the biggest rapids on this stretch of the river. When not rafting or kayaking, Thomas and I were both quite keen to do our share of body surfing.

Here’s a picture of Golf Course, from the road above:

Some of the time in camp people were getting very excited about a little matter of World Cup cricket matches. In between catching the games we sharpened up our card playing skills.


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  1. Rishikesh has always been one of my favourite holiday destinations. Rafting down those rapids has always been such fun. My worst nightmare was “The Wall”. I still remember walking across as I was too scared to raft down it. I am sure you and Thomas must have enjoyed every moment of it. Both my boys and I must have gone a number of times and we still haven’t had enough!!!

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