Skiing Across Greenland

Deeya Bajaj is a student of our school’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Phase III campus. Deeya’s father, Ajit, has the rare distinction of having been to both the North and South poles (where he carried the flag of The Shri Ram School – see the photo and original flag on the wall in reception at the Vasant Vihar campus).

A couple of years ago Ajit and Deeya took a kayaking trip around the fjords of Greenland. Stunned by the beauty and also aware of the environmental significance, they have decided to go back there. At this moment they are two days in to a skiing expedition to cross Greenland – a distance of around 650km. Skiing for 8-10 hours a day the trip will take around 28 days.

Not content with just taking on such a brave and bold adventure, Deeya decided that she wanted to link it to drawing attention to issues related to education of the girl child in India. So, ‘Shri Karma’ was launched. A link is available on the school website providing more details, a link to the Facebook page where updates of Deeya’s progress will be posted regularly and a pledge that enables people to give monetary support towards a girls hostel at an orphanage for the children of leprosy victims:

School Website

Shri Karma Facebook Page

The Pledge

Our thoughts are 100% behind Ajit and Deeya. Join us in following their pursuit over the coming days.


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