Valuing The Truth

The link below is for a fun little piece from MSNBC about a slightly quirky piece of academic research. However, it sparked off some interesting thoughts for me, perhaps beyond what the writer had intended:

MSNBC Article – How to Catch a Liar

What if a big enough number of people could be trained to identify with a high degree of accuracy when others were telling a lie?

Would everyone start telling the truth as a matter of course?

Would people conclude that the risk equation for telling a lie made no sense any more?

Would there be a new enlightenment as the quality of interpersonal relationships took a quantum leap forward?

Would business become quicker, lower cost and more abundant, with people more ready to work for win-win?

Would there be a vast financial dividend to be reaped from a healthier, more trusting/ trust worthy world?

Would politics attract high quality people who would do great work with the full trust and confidence of the people? (OK, I might be getting a bit fanciful now)

Final thought – do we really have to believe that there’s a very good chance of being caught doing something ‘wrong’ before we can find the motivation to stop doing it? Couldn’t we just decide that the potential dividends of a high trust world are so attractive, so worth having, that we would each unilaterally decide it was worth being truthful and trustworthy?


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