The Shri Ram Police Public School, Bhondsi

So, what’s been keeping me and the school team so busy? Well, amongst other things, this:

The Shri Ram Police Public School, CPT&R Campus,Bhondsi


Opening Shortly!


The Shri Ram School has been invited to set up a new school in Haryana in recognition of the reputation that TSRS has established for educational innovation and academic excellence. It is indeed a matter of pride for us to share the spirit and ethos that we stand for as an institution.

The Shri Ram School is joining with the Police Department, Haryana to open a new school to provide quality education to wards of Police personnel as well as reaching out to a wider group of students in Gurgaon. The opening of The Shri Ram Police Public School was announced at a press conference chaired by Director General of Police, Haryana, Mr. R S Dalal and Mrs Manju Bharat Ram, Chairperson, The Shri Ram School on April 13, 2011.


The school is situated in a sprawling 9 acre site within the CPT & R Campus, Bhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana. It can be reached from Gurgaon- Sohna Road (7 km from Badshahpur) as well as from the Kadarpur Shooting Range (7 km from Golf Course Road Extension). The campus will undergo extensive development to bring international standard infrastructure to ensure a wonderful learning environment for the children. Special emphasis will be placed on developing a Physical Education Programme which encourages participation in sport, recreation and other physical activities through which students improve their physical skills and fitness.

In every way this school will carry forward the mission, the values and the ethos of The Shri Ram School. The school is committed to holistic development of children through joyful and innovative education. A carefully planned integrated curriculum that encourages exploration and discovery will help to develop a love for learning in children.


Admissions are open for the academic session 2011-12, to commence in July, for Nursery to Class IV for children of police personnel and the general public.

For any queries:-

Contact number +918800238855

E mail


Mark Parkinson

Here are some pictures at the new school:


23 Responses

  1. You posted it after the dates for forms are over ???

    Last date was 15th May, that extended ??

    Let me know the location of this school

    • Extension possible for admissions.

      Easiest to take directions from the number given during office hours.

  2. do u also cater to children wit certain special needs .

    • Our inclusive approach to inclusion of special needs children in mainstream classrooms requires a very carefully structured team of specialised staff with the skills to work in this way.

      As a result, we are not taking children with special needs in the first year of this new school. Progress of the school will determine whether we add children with special needs in year two or three. When we do, because they are taken in the full class the policy is likely to be the same as at our other campuses where we take children whose conditions place them in the mild to moderate portion of the spectrum. Children whose needs are for one to one attention cannot be accommodated under such a structure.


    • The discount being given to police personnel for their children is given by the police department, not by us. For there to be a discount for BSF, either that discount would have to be extended by police department, or BSF would have to agree to supplement the cost for children of their personnel.

      You need to take this up with the requisite officers.

  4. Do you have any vacany for Nursery classes? And if you have any what are the requirements for that ? Please mail me personally on my e-mail address(

  5. I want to know about school administration and management. Whether school is administrated by SRF Foundation or it is managed by some local people under SRF Foundation supervision . Now a days lot of school are opening in the name of big brand but are locally managed. Actually they are like franchise of some good name. In Bhondsi it self , they are 2-3 schools like it.

    • That’s a reasonable question as there can be ambiguity these days. As stated elsewhere here on the blog TSPPS is a collaboration between Haryana Police and the SRF Foundation (parent body of The Shri Ram Schools). The day to day management of the school all lies with SRF Foundation, which is why I am Director of TSPPS as well as the TSRS schools. The Principal is a long-serving and highly experienced member of the TSRS team and my own finance, admin and HR departments are fully involved in running the school.

      As an aside, personally, I don’t believe in franchising as an effective model for schools. Somewhere along the way the objectives of franchisees too often don’t match up with the long-term requirements of institution building. Those who run a school should be thinking about today, tomorrow and the next few years. However, they should also have a perspective on the next 30, 50 or even 100 years of that institution.

  6. I wish to apply there for TGT Teacher, can you please share some contact details of concern person. I am a doctorate and CTET qualified candidate.

  7. Sir, i would like to know that if any student who got admission in TSPPS if that student want to shift to other sri ram school in delhi or Gurgaon is it possible or not. plase guide.
    Rajesh Kumar

    • No, that is not possible, principally for 2 reasons;

      a) the other campuses don’t generally have seats available to permit transfers as they have extensive waiting lists,
      b) When a parent admits their child in TSPPS it is a separate legal entity and therefore not directly and legally a part of TSRS.

      I would also like to say that there isn’t any particular reason why a parent should want to transfer. TSPPS is run on exactly the same lines as TSRS campuses, with the same child-centric philosophy and approach to education. It has (and will continue to have) an equivalent teacher-student ratio. It also has wonderful space that in the coming years will become a great campus.

      • Is there any plan to extend the school to middle and HS level in coming years?

      • The school opened in 2011 with classes Pravesh Vatika to IV, in 2012 Class V will be added and then one class each year thereafter.

  8. Mr. Parkinson, Is there is any relation between Sri Ram Early Years and TSPPS?

    • TSPPS is a collaboration between The Shri Ram Schools (under The SRF Foundation) and the Haryana Police. TSEY is a part of Shri Educare Limited (SEL) which is a separate company. The connection is that SEL has the same promoters and the same philosophy towards education.

      Neither TSEY or TSRS has any connection with The Shri Ram Global Schools or any of the organisations using ‘Global’ in their names.

      I hope this clarifies.

  9. Is there any vacancy for Dance / Hindi teacher in your School.

  10. I applied on line for admission in to iv class and I am moving from Mumbai to Gurgoan and in the application there are weightages for the nearer locations/adresses.

    I mentioned Mumbai as adress

    Can you help in giving due consideration for the application

  11. i m getting my child admitted in ur school in class v becoz of ur school i kept my kid in class v though she is in class vi..r u sure every year u ll add one class rtell me lpz otherwise it confuse me

    • I am very happy to answer this question. Already as TSPPS enters its second year the number of students is rising rapidly. Each year we will add a Form, as well as adding sections within the existing Forms. In 2011-12 we started with Classes Pravesh Vatika to IV, for 2012-13 we have added Class V.

      As regards whether we are ‘people of our word’, all I can say is TSRS has not been rated number one day school in the whole of India 3 out of the last 4 years without ensuring a strong reputation for integrity. We do what we say.

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