Student Intrinsic Motivation

This is an excellent article from Ed Week Teacher based on excerpts from a new book. The crux of the piece is that all attempts to develop motivation in others (students) are pretty much doomed to failure. The only kind of motivation that is really sustainable is intrinsic motivation.

Helping Students Motivate Themselves – Ed Week Teacher Article

The article contains some very good ideas for how educators can encourage and nurture intrinsic motivation, and also some of the risks of attempting to impose motivation.


One Response

  1. I totally agree with the fact that incentives do motivate but only for a short while!Being a parent has helped me realize this and I began to believe in it more confidently as a teacher that for a child to be motivated intrinsically we as parents/teachers need to create that environment wherein each child is empowered in the process of decision making.Validating/Acknowledging their decisions and implementing them as part of the process of empowerment helps a lot.It initiates a healthy dialogue where respect for each other comes into active play.This validation makes the process of empowerment very real and doable for the students however young they might be.Only then will one get to feel the blossoming of a child/student into a motivated responsible individual for life……..

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