The Khan Academy

You know the nature of people’s relationship with knowledge is changing in fundamental ways when people start ‘giving it away’ for free!

Here’s an interesting article about the work of the Khan Academy which has now posted over 2,000 videos relating to Maths and Science on the web, all available free of charge.

THE Journal Article on Khan Academy

I hope that within a month or so I’ll have more to say as there are plans to meet Salman Khan during a forthcoming visit to USA in the second half of April – watch this space!!


3 Responses

  1. Mark, have you looked at the videos in maths? I was extremely disappointed!

    • He, he. If you’d like to share the details rather more specifically I’ll happily take the points up with him.

      Alternatively, maybe now is the time to take this forward here in India – stuff that could offer schools to offer really customizable ‘blended learning’ courses in the higher classes supplemented with really first rate video content?

  2. Sharing of resources is a good way to help improve overall quality. The key to this being successful is looking at the information provided and cherry picking the information relevant to yourself. Blended learning is also a method that can improve efficiency. We use a blended learning system to provide our leadership and management courses. This works very well as you can reach people anywhere, but blended learning is also a useful tool for tutors who can be provided with teaching resources updates, especially useful if you have tutors in many locations.

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