Formative-Assessment Process

There’s so much confusion around regarding formative assessment processes. here in India the water has been muddied by the CBSE CCE process which purports to bring formative assessment to secondary education.

However, when you read these two pieces you begin to get a realisation of just how far off the right direction things have gone. Most of what is happening continues to be summative assessment masquerading under a different name. A test is a test, whatever you call it! And, the evidence is clear – tests contribute very little to learning.

So, teachers need extensive training to understand and to be able to build formative-assessment processes in to their teaching in sophisticated and creative ways that make it a fundamental part of how the children learn.

ASCD Edge – Preparing Kids for 1982
(has some links to some excellent resources)
Education Week – Formative-Assessment Process


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  1. Dear Mr. Parkinson,
    Interesting! currently I am doing a course on Assessment of Learning and your words are very true. A test really contribute very less towards learning process. In India, teachers, educators, and parents prefer summative assessments to formative tasks!

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