The ‘Q’ Word in Education

Whilst the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has involved itself in matters such as malaria and HIV in the wider world, in America the bulk of their attention has been on education and how they believe that America is losing in the talent stakes because of misguided and faulty approaches to educating young people for the Twenty First Century.

Bill Gates in Washington Post

Here’s a very interesting article written by Bill Gates recently for the Washington Post. gates doesn’t pull his punches and his message is really clear:-
If you want great education, develop, recognise and reward great teachers. In short, professionalise the education profession.

We know that many of the things he challenges in this article are also fundamental weaknesses in the Indian education system;
a) Ever growing salaries for teachers regardless of competence or outcomes,
b) Higher pay to teachers based upon their paper qualifications rather than their contribution,

to these we could add,
c) am assumption that the older the learners the higher should be the salaries of their teachers (meaning that great elementary and primary school teachers don’t stay and primary education cannot attract male teachers).

Gates has his solutions for solving these issues in America. As educators in India, we need to evolve solutions that are right for India and work to influence government to bring about the necessary reforms and changes.


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