Pravesh Vatika Admissions – Aravali

The first admission list has been published this afternoon and knowing the anxiety levels for people to see the list I thought I should post the information here as well as the school website.

The admissions time is such a hard, tough time for my team. We owe them a debt of gratitude for the task they carry out on a massive scale every year. Of course, we know that it’s a time of great anxiety for parents, culminating in the publishing of the lists. Sadly, we know that there will be far more disappointed than happy as we can only meet a fraction of the demand for seats. Regrettably, occasionally people’s disappointment in not getting what they want can manifest in some unfortunate responses. Our team are doing the best job they can under trying circumstances. Neither they or I are to blame for the imbalance between demand and supply of high quality education.

Out of sensitivity and the best interests of the TSRS community as a whole 67 children have been admitted as siblings and 12 as children of our staff (the best teachers must be looked after).

So, here’s the list:


criteria 2011-2012


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  1. I congratulate you and your team for carrying out this important task and sincere gratitude for all the hard work put in. For me the disappointment is not only of not getting my daughter admitted in the best school in the country but also of having failed to secure an admission for her in any of the 17 schools we applied to. I’ am not sure whether it is the demand-supply mismatch or the cat and mouse game between the political class of this country and schools or my sheer misfortune which resulted in this situation.
    Here’s wishing you and the entire team the very best.

  2. Dear Mark

    Could you please elaborate on the point system as to the categories and marks awarded to each category.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Thanks and regards

    • Here is the document that sets out the criteria that we applied, added at the end of my original post. This year there was a lot of uncertainty, even when we started the process, so we adopted a points based system with some similarities to the Delhi system. The reality, as it turned out later, was that under the Haryana rules we probably could have retained a more flexible system that was more ‘under our own control’ at least for one more year. However, having started down the points route it was right that we continued with it.

      • Dear Mark,

        I just went through the point system. I had one query.
        I wanted to know if the wards parent is an ex-shri ram school teacher, will it matter??

        ira bhattacharya

      • Please note – no points system applicable for The Shri Ram School campuses in Vasant Vihar or Gurgaon for nursery admissions for 2012-13 academic year has yet been published.
        We continue to await clarity from the Supreme Court judgement on the case pertaining to Right to Education Act before proceeding further with the annual admissions process.

  3. Dear Mark: We applied for Pravesh Vatika at Aravali Gurgaon. We need to find out how many points our child’s application got. Please let us know how to get this information.

    While we understand that the school can decide the cut off, i do believe that as parents, we at least can ask for the points our own child got.

  4. Hello Mark,
    Hope you are doing well,
    After loosing out hopes on the PV 2011 admission & secured admission in some other school, today I came to know that the second list was declared only in school for 35 general category as the EWS category is not an mandate from the Harayana government
    1)I would like to know if the second list is also based on the points, if yes, where can the list be seen to evaluate ourselves on the points basis?
    2)Even if it was lottery,could it be made more transparent.
    3 ) We have been in constant touch with the school reception about the secong waiting list but evertime the response use to be that there would not be any second list, but now it has come through, the receptions says that 35 seats have been filled yesterday , Are there atill 10 more seats ( based on 45 allocated for EWS initially )
    Will the third list be out also?
    Where can i find out my standing based on points?
    Having rellocated from canada & being Candian citizen,, i never expected the admission for Nursery to be so hard, but have accepted that as challenge and will keep looking for opportunities till the time, I am able to secure at TSRS
    Hope I am not appearing restless in any sense this time



    • If you look at the new list published, you will see that it is very clearly stated that this list is the result of a re-evaluation of the position in Haryana vis a vis the implementation of the Right to Education Act.

      The Shri Ram School delayed its admission process until the 11th hour, so as to know what the law changes in the State were going to be.

      I think you’ll find that virtually all the other schools in Gurgaon completed their processes months ago – jumping out before there was any clarity in the law to prevent the law changes intended by government from taking their course. We may not agree with all the intended law changes, but we are debating them through lawyers in the Supreme Court.

      There were over 950 applications for seats. We know there are going to be those unhappy that they didn’t get what they wanted. Please show me who are all the other schools who have such open communication that you can even raise a question in the way that any have on this blog – even when many choose to lace their questions with innuendo and unsubstantiated accusations.

      As for nursery admissions being hard – perhaps parents should apply some thought to the implications if the government are successful in their avowed intent to remove 25% of the current private school admission seats from availability (redirecting them to EWS and caste based quotas). There are already not enough seats available in high quality private schools and imperfect systems for their allocation. However, people need to be clear about who they blame for that!

      Ultimately, this blog is a communication vehicle for those who are part of a community (a community that is not infinitely expandable). Sadly, i know that can’t please everyone.

      • Mark,
        Thanks for the reply.
        Even with the reevalutaion, the list could have been published on the website/school notice board?
        Only people were called telephonically,Could’nt it has been transperent?
        Where can I find the points secured by me, inspite of the regular phone calls, no one could entertain us to have a feel of where we lacked in points?
        According to us, we had straight 50 points ( as per the criteria ) the cut off in general category reached 60 points, Out of 25 max points in essay even if I think that I secured 5 marks in essay, i could have reached 55,We don’t know that in the second list in which 35 students were called, if the cut off reached what points? or was it lottery?

        How do i find that remains an mystery?

        Also I totally agree that atleast one school like yours is approchable through public domain,,,,my intent is not to harm/blame anyone however being in project management, i need to have some Take aways on lessons learned befor we close the project.

        Thanks for all the efforts you make to reply to the blog.



  5. i second what rohit is saying.
    its really surprising that an institution like yours is handling admissions the way it is.
    just like Rohit, Nidhi also asked for the point system to be known to us, but no response to that yet.
    I am sure there are a number of parents who would like to know about the points awarded.
    so we would appreciate if you could make the process a little transparent or atleast give us contact details of person in the school who can answer all queries regarding admissions.
    And provide correct information regarding 2nd and 3rd list etc.


  6. I have two questions:

    1) Please let me know what is the expected creteria for admission this year (2012-2013 Pravesh Vatika). Will it be point system or lottery system like other schools in Gurgaon.

    2) I will be applying for my twin daughters, will they come under the sibling category? I want to ensure that both go to the same school.

    Please reply…


    • The way forward on Pravesh Vatika admissions for the 2012-13 academic year is currently being planned. We haven’t announced anything yet as we are seeking clarification on a couple of issues from the Haryana Government Education Department.

      As things stand 25% of seats this year will go to EWS, unless we see a dramatic outcome from the case currently nearing conclusion in the Supreme Court.

      I know plenty of people believe that a lottery system is somehow ‘fairer’. However, I witnessed first hand the grief and anxiety of some parents who had sat through lotteries in school after school, each time getting their hopes dashed when they weren’t amongst the lucky ones. A couple of them expressed to me that they felt like their chiuldren had become pawns in a political game.

      When the time is right, the rules and procedures will all be published on the school’s website, accessible to all.

      • Mark,

        Is it possible to give an indication about when the admissions will start. Will it be January like last year or earlier.
        The other schools in Gurgaon have already finished their admission process. Those kids like mine, who have not been “lucky” so far have hopes pinned on TSRS.


  7. Hi Mark,

    I wanted to know what is the age criteria for Admission to Pravesh Vatika.



    • All details of this year’s admission criteria are to be presented to the schools’ Managing Committees at the end of this week for ratification and approval. There will then be full communication soon after the new year.

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