Pravesh Vatika Admissions – Aravali

The first admission list has been published this afternoon and knowing the anxiety levels for people to see the list I thought I should post the information here as well as the school website.

The admissions time is such a hard, tough time for my team. We owe them a debt of gratitude for the task they carry out on a massive scale every year. Of course, we know that it’s a time of great anxiety for parents, culminating in the publishing of the lists. Sadly, we know that there will be far more disappointed than happy as we can only meet a fraction of the demand for seats. Regrettably, occasionally people’s disappointment in not getting what they want can manifest in some unfortunate responses. Our team are doing the best job they can under trying circumstances. Neither they or I are to blame for the imbalance between demand and supply of high quality education.

Out of sensitivity and the best interests of the TSRS community as a whole 67 children have been admitted as siblings and 12 as children of our staff (the best teachers must be looked after).

So, here’s the list:


criteria 2011-2012

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