IT in Education Update

Here are a few pieces related to recent developments from the US on how use of technology is opening up exciting new opportunities in school education.

The first looks back over some of the challenging weather in the US over the past couple of months and the ways in which technology has enabled educators to minimize the negative impacts of that lost time. It also looks at the other beneficial uses of the technology, such as keeping sick or hospitalized children in touch with their classmates and the learning in school.

These are benefits that we identified as highly desirable over the last 18 months or so, and we have work going on in school to start to introduce the necessary technology to bring these opportunities in to reality at TSRS:

USA Today Article on Snow Days

The next piece revisits something I wrote about a little while ago, namely the choices to be made between traditional face to face learning, virtual learning or blended combinations. It makes a lot of sense that virtual learning alone is not going to work for most children of school age. It might be effective for some subject courses at college level, but I believe that for secondary and higher secondary learning we can look to move towards blended models:

Ed Week Article on E-Learning

The final piece that caught my eye really struck a chord with me as I’ve been feeling for some time that we have many students who, for a variety of reasons, would benefit from being able to review and revisit classroom lesson material through video as many times or at a pace that suits them. At both the Phase III and Aravali campuses our construction projects that are under way include Learning Resource Centres. I anticipate that in these places students will be able to go and log on to a PC where they can watch, review and revisit lesson material whether they were present in the original lesson or not. It could also offer the opportunity to offer a library of more advanced materials built up over time for gifted students who would benefit from being stretched beyond the limitations of their class:

The Journal Article on Classroom Capture

We are committed to some pilot projects to move forward with such initiatives over the coming months – watch this space!

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