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As promised, the advertisement has now been published:


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  1. Thanks Mark.

  2. For those who need it, the application form will be available for download and there will be a special e-mail address for submission. Please check the school website.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Is the school also planning a Play School or is there already one? My daughter is 2 yrs 4 months and there is a lot of energy we need to channelise in the right direction. Have not been able to find the right place for her.

    Thanks and Regards

    • You can enquire with TSEY, which has been set up under a separate organisation established by the same promoters as The Shri Ram Schools:
      However, I need to stress that whilst the organisation follows a similar education philosophy we are otherwise ‘unrelated’ (meaning no transferability for admissions in to TSRS!)

  4. Hi Mark

    We applied to the Shri Ram School @ Vasant Vihar and could not make it, we are parents of twins who will be 3 this month and unfortunately not eligible this year for the Aravali campus.

    we need advise from you on how to make the cut next year when the twins will be 4+, as neither of us parents are from Delhi and we get knocked off in the Alumni-Sibling criteria (our twins are first born) . Will it be possible to meet you some time at your convenience as it will really help us greatly.

    Many thanks


    • With 25% of seats removed from the general quota, parents are now realising (especially in Delhi) the inevitability that there won’t be enough seats to go around for all who want them.

      I found it very sad reading this morning’s papers to see how few of the journalists have really attempted to understand this and instead imply blame on the schools for giving preference to siblings. Why shouldn’t a family have both their children educated in the same school, following the same timings and taking the same transport (especially when the Delhi roads can be a source of continual anxiety).

      As for our policy of not taking the 3-year olds. The explanation lies in a couple of articles on this site – type ‘Gladwell’ in to the search box above.

      ideas of putting children in to school early and young have their origins in the Industrial Revolution in UK. The people setting up the schools were the same who owned the factories. Their principle was easy – earlier in, earlier out and put to work to make money from them.

      Today, we have far greater knowledge about cognitive development, so can make much wiser decisions about when children start school (and how).

      As for next year’s processes, I cannot comment. A year is a very long time when the ramifications of the Right to Education Act are being worked out. The matter of admissions methods are sub judice and we are waiting for it to come up in front of the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court within a matter of days. Watch this space!!

      • Thanks Mark for the prompt response.

        We totally agree with you and understand that the schools are merely acting on the rules & framework given to them and thus whatever criteria they have come up with will have to be accepted. Also taking in siblings cannot be questioned for the reasons mentioned by you.

        Since, all schools in Delhi have the age for nursery admissions as 3 years, whilst Shri Ram school Gurgaon has it at 3.5+, we just wanted to understand how to prepare in a manner that we are able to secure an admission into Shri Ram Delhi or Gurgaon next year. This become important for parents like us as assuming the same criteria we would not make it to Shri Ram Delhi next year as well. Just wanted to know if we have any chance of getting through to Shri Ram Gurgaon next year when our children turn 4 if we continue living in Delhi.

        If you can spare some time, we would like to meet up with you and take your guidance as to how to approach for the admissions next year for our twins as we are really feeling hopelessly lost.



  5. hi mark,

    i was at the tsrs website and i see that the results for admission to pravesh vatika 2011-2012 was already out on the 1st of feb and is now posted on the website ( how is that possible when the last day for receiving forms was the 15th of feb? could you kindly shed more light on the matter!

    thanks – preeti

    • The Pravesh Vatika admissions list that you’re seeing is the one for our Vasant Vihar campus. The Aravali list has not yet been collated.

  6. Hello Mark,
    This is the first time I am posting on your blog.
    My daughter is in TSEY for 2010-2011 and we had great hopes from Pravesh vatika this year not as she was in TSEY but as the points were coming coming based on the parameters like
    distance : 25 points
    first child:15
    intercaste marriage:10
    and then essay,
    the cutoff went to 60 and i am getting nervous that was my essay that bad to even score 10 points making my total to be 60 and I would have been in the list.
    when do u think they will release the first waiting list based on ur experience
    they have dedicated 25 % of the seats to the ews ( is this the manadate in Harayana also ), i have seen MCD & delhi schools having the same, but not sure if all the schiools in gurgaon have done that reservation,
    This year in pravesh vatika they have admitted 67 siblings, which to me is too much leaving only 50 seats for the general category.
    what if the EWS applications are less, are they transferred again to general?
    please respond ASAP as I have been trying to search answers to my questions which i am unable to find.

    • I understand your disappointment. At the same time, I know that for all who took admission at TSEY it was made very clear that it’s origins were from the same promoters, so the education philosophy would be the same, but it was part of a completely separate legal entity and there would therefore never be any linkage as regards admissions to The Shri Ram Schools.

      As regards your comments on siblings I can see where you’re coming from, but we would have to agree to diasagree. We bel;ieve that compassion and sensitivity makes it right that, wherever we can, we enable siblings to be in the same school. In these days of busy lives the alternative would be very detrimental to the quality of family life.

      I cannot make any comment vis a vis the EWS seats at this time, as certain complex legal issues are being clarified. There are no government mandated rules on first list, second list etc in Haryana. Therefore, we will issue a second list if and when we need to.

      As for your final comment – I’ll put that down to your level of anxiety for your child (for which you might be pointing your gun at the wrong people!). As for demanding a speedy response – I’d be interested if you could give me a list of the other educational institutes where the Director, as well as running an organisation with nearly 4,000 students, close to 400 teachers and 500 staff makes him/ herself this accessible.

      My/ our aim is the highest possible quality of education and my team and i work tirelessly towards that. We accept that it is neither practical or desirable that we seek to please all the people all the time.

      • Hi Mark,
        thanks for the prompt reply, my apologies if I have been more demanding, however being an canadian citizen, and finding so much difficulties in getting the admission in Nursery made me a bit anxious & demanding on the ASAP reply.
        Well to be very honest this was the last hope, and I am not sure of the way forward other than to continue in the play school ,
        although to clarify that neither any commitments were made from TSEY to be transferred to PV directly nor we had expectations that we would get any preference.
        however the point system made us confident that we shall get the admission for our daughter after calculating the points to be 50 excluding the essay.
        well to be very honest I understand that there would not be any drop outs from the sibling, management or wards quota, so the only hopes are from General , the maximum dropouts ( guess ) would be 3-5,
        I am hoping that the EWS quota if unfilled ( by receing less applications ) might be ultimately transferred to general and probability might increase of getting the seat.
        just out of curosity, i wanted that whehere there is any mandate for EWS in harayana, as I have not heard the same in any school within gurgaon.
        yes you are right that none of the director level would ever be accesible to public and that with so prompt reply.
        I really appreciate you efforts & time to reply.

  7. Hi Mark :

    I would apprecaite if you could let me know when would the Nursery admisions process for the year 2012 of Shriram School Aravalli would start.

  8. Hi Mark, are there any chances of drop outs at TSRS Vasant Vihar for 2013 – 14 ? any idea on what has been the past trends ?

    • I’m no longer an employee of The Shri Ram Schools or in touch with admissions processes of the schools. This is a query you will need to take up directly with the Principal and or Academic Secretary at the school.

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