Trust is Still Valid in This World

This is a nice little story. I first heard about it verbally and then someone forwarded this piece on the subject.

North Point Integrity Article

After reading it I was reminded that, especially when we’re dealing with children, if we really want to get trustworthy behaviour, somewhere we have to be willing to give trust. Ultimately, no amount of ‘policing’ to prevent breaches of trust brings trustworthy behaviour.

However, regrettably, we live in a world where this is often forgotten. So, for example, if people are jumping red traffic lights people consider that the only way to prevent it is to have a policeman physically stationed by the lights and/ or video cameras to catch the wrong doers.

And then, all the way down the line, we see the overall levels of trust in the society dwindling. Somewhere, we have to be willing to go the longer, harder route, working with children to build an understanding that the price/ cost of lack of trust is too high a price to pay. However, I acknowledge – there’s a very long road ahead.

2 Responses

  1. What an inspiring article. For this to work, which I am sure it can, I think it is important for children to be trusted both at home, as well as at school. If parents and teachers do not work in tandem, it would be difficult for the child to understand the importance and the significance of being trusted.

  2. Thank you for connecting with my blog, on this story.

    My compliments to you Mark, on the commendable work that you are doing in bridging the gap and creating a relationship between parents and the school via your blog. Being a parent myself, I can deeply appreciate and almost feel the solace felt by my peers.

    Shalini Verma
    Leadership & Life Coach
    Director – The Sky Scrapers Academy

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