Road Safety

There’s something that troubles me. And…. when I’m troubled by something I usually consider that I am duty bound to pay attention to what I might be able to do towards eliminating the problem, or at least reducing its impact.

When I was growing up in the UK, one of the most prominent figures in my life was ‘The Green Cross Man’. He appeared regularly in advertisements on TV, he was in the newspapers and in the classrooms at school. A sort of latter day Shaktiman, his major task in life was to educate children about how to keep themselves safe on or near to roads.

In fact, here he is:

What a hero!! Especially, when you consider how many children (and adults too) have been saved from death or injuries on the road because of his simple and oft repeated messages. The gist of the campaign messages have always been about taking responsibility for oneself when on the road and erring on the side of safety, as can be seen from the following explanation:

Wikipedia – Green Cross Code

When I move around Gurgaon, on foot or when driving, I can clearly see the impact of the fact that people here have not been drilled in these basic, common sense and practical safety steps. However, it’s never too late to start. Within the Junior Schools at Vasant Vihar and Aravali some work is on to begin to address some of these issues.

By way of my own little contribution to the process (and also to help meet some of the needs of our older students) here are a couple of resources.

Firstly, the UK Government has moved with the times and now has a very fun, interactive website. There are some informative games that children can play, from which they will gather vital knowledge whilst also enjoying themselves:

Tales of the Road Website

The Highway Code is the definitive publication from the British Gov. on all matters related to road use. A few parents might figure they get something from it too as drivers! However, I include it here particularly for the sections on pedestrians and cyclists, so that all our children can be safer:

(You will need to have adobe acrobat or adobe reader to open the attachment)

So, as we head in to a new year, let’s all pledge to do what we need to do to keep our children as safe as possible.


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