Pravesh Vatika (Nursery) Admissions

Applying to get your young child admitted in to the school of your choice at Nursery level is an anxious time even when everything is clear. Regrettably, this year the whole process comes with a great deal more anxiety as a result of the fallout from the passing of the Right to Education Act.

As I’ve highlighted in earlier posts on this blog there were serious questions over the standards of draftsmanship and even the level of debate, research and analysis that went in to creating this legislation – despite it’s potentially devastating impact for lakhs of children in India. There are many issues to be resolved, even including the correct age for children to be starting school.

The level of anxiety that parents experience over admissions is evidence enough the extent to which the right to choice matters to parents, and their understanding that all schools are not the same. The private sector, unaided schools offer parents the right to select a school with an ethos, approach to learning and values that best match their own.

Whilst lawyers grapple with these factors in the highest courts of the country, life must go on for the nervous parents of children who are reaching school age this year. For our school we have the added ‘spice’ of having Junior School campuses in two different jurisdictions. So, in brief, here’s where things stand currently;

Delhi – Vasant Vihar Campus
The Delhi Government granted permission for schools to set up a points based set of admission criteria that are transparent and fair. They then stipulated that admissions must be open from 1st January to 15th January 2011. For our school, an online admissions process commenced from 1st January and will close at 4.00pm on 15th January.
Applications can be submitted, after reading and carefully understanding all the information given on the school website:
TSRS Vasant Vihar Admissions Site

The school is part of a wider body that is joining with thousands of other unaided private schools from across the country to challenge certain aspects of the Right to Education Act through a writ petition to the Supreme Court. It is way too early yet to suggest how this might impact upon the admissions process, but whilst going ahead we have reserved the school’s rights.

In turn, there are others who are challenging the Delhi authorities’ decision to permit a points system. They argue that the use of the word ‘random’ in the RTE means that the only correct way for admissions to take place is through a lottery system. This is now unlikely to change anything as far as the nursery admissions for this year, but may bring changes for next year.

Gurgaon – Aravali Campus
The Haryana State authorities have not yet issued their guidelines for Nursery admissions for the 2011-12 academic year. Therefore, we have felt it appropriate to wait for the clarity that will come from them. In most years the admissions would have been all complete by October of the year previous.

We request all parents to be patient in the meantime.

9 Responses

  1. And I am sure, gurgaon parents who would have inquired about admissions to primary classes would have got unclear responses from the ladies who happen to pickup the phone.

    Btw, your blog is better than your school site. Looks like, some 10th pass kid has made it.

  2. As regards your comment on the information provided when phoning in to the school, if you have specific concerns or problem experiences, please send these to me directly by mail.

    As regards the school website, we recognise it can be better and there is a process going on currently to improve navigability. We’re also adding new functionalities specifically for the parents and students.

  3. Your post is certainly more informative than calling the school. However the PV admissions email address provided is quite responsive too. I received a link to your blog post after I emailed them for a clarification on whether the ad and online form was for VV campus alone. Nice to see information being provided freely.

  4. Thanks! Bit is there any tentative date by which admissions in Gurgaon will start?

  5. Mr. Parkinson,

    Thanks for the information on the blog. Would be grateful if you there could be some more updates regarding the admission for Pravesh Vatika at the Awavali campus.


    • Advertisement will be out within the next few days with the full details. We can only wait so long for government to clarify what they’re up to!!

  6. Hello!

    We have got the admission form for our Kid. I require few clarification of whether any document / affidavit is required in support for the following:

    -Distance from School
    -First Child
    -Inter caste marriage.

    Thanks & regards,


    • Those proofs are not required at the time of submitting the application for admission. Those who get shortlisted are asked to provide proofs of the evidence they have submitted according to a list provided to them once the short list is published.

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