The End Justifies The Means??

Schedule Rules Over Parents Vacations

Are Schools Violating Age Norms

Schools & Government Headed for Face Off?

So, you’ve collected Rs35,000CR in Educational Cess, you’ve passed groundbreaking legislation that claims to give the power of a quality education to every one of the 125 Crore children in your country. Then, suddenly you realise that your atrophied, ossified government infrastructure, mired in political game playing, is incapable of showing gains or material benefits.

What to do?

Well, judging by the little selection of news articles above there’s a potentially very neat solution for master politicians – shift attention to the private schools and portray them as the enemies of the people. Engage in unsubstantiated, vague suggestions that there’s a big difference between their costs and their revenues (it’s OK, you don’t have to prove anything, or show hard data).

Hey presto! Job done! When commentators suggest that you haven’t achieved your declared intent of social suffrage through education, it’s OK – you’re not to blame. It’s those devils in the private school sector. You know, those devils who invested crores of their own money to build schools, create education infrastructure. Those devils whose children just happen to top in everything, who have listened to the market and provided the education that upwardly mobile India craved for.

It’s all their fault!
(And don’t let that man Tooley and his ‘Beautiful Tree’ tell you any different!)


2 Responses

  1. Agreed, 99.57% of indian politicians are senseless, greedy and zero vision.

    But I know where this post is coming from. Forced by govt to educate children from EWS is becoming a problem for some schools like you as it leads to loss of revenue.

    Well, when you say “whose children just happen to top in everything” – do you really believe it is the school that is wholesomely responsible?

    Hardly any child that would have topped, as suggested by you, would have belonged to parents who are not CEO/CFO/COO/SVP/VP/Director or any other self sufficient, well educated and full means parents who ensure that their child learns n other things (at high costs) than what school provides etc. and that is the reason for children top-ping the charts.


    • I am not, by any means just talking about ‘schools like ours’. I am also talking of the thousands of unaided, unrecognised schools. These schools often charge only a few hundred rupees a month, fail to get recognition because their land isn’t big enough, they don’t pay sixth pay commission salaries etc. BUT, the achievements of their children are better than those of the government schools.

      What they have that the government schools lack is accountability. Millions of people of very modest means scrape together the money to send their children to these schools rather than rely on the free government schools. Yet, under RTE all those schools are to be closed down.

      In those schools, teachers may only be paid Rs3-4000 a month, but they are working there of their own free will, working in a dedicated way because they care about the children and delivering to the best of their ability. I really would recommend James Tooley’s book “The Beautiful Tree” as a very inspiring read about what’s really going on in Indian education.

      Turning to schools like ours – do i believe that the backgrounds of the children play a part in their performance? Yes, of course. However, I also believe that our highly trained, professional and dedicated teachers (who put themselves to the trouble, continuously, to upgrade their professional knowledge and skills) deliver standards of education far surpassing that available in government schools.

      This whole EWS issue masks the work that schools like ours are doing to contribute to improvement in the overall system. Just a few examples;

      a) Incubating 1 new school and a pre-school.
      b) Consultancy to 3 schools,
      c) Teacher training free of charge for teachers from Leh,
      d) Running a Balwadi for 120 children of migrant laborours (that might have to close now under RTE)
      e) Helping to reform 40 government schools in one of the poorest areas of Haryana, Mewad (25 primary, 15 secondary)
      f) helping Haryana Govt set up a model school in Bhiwani
      g) Setting up a school for the police of Haryana at Bhondsi

      That’s the reality people ignore when they suggest that our schools are ‘rich’ and should be made/ forced by govt dictat to take EWS.

      By the way, what did they spend your education cess payments on?

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