Teachers’ Code of Professional Ethics

Putting aside all the jokes about whether government should have focused on a few other groups for attention before teachers (politicians, civil servants etc), nevertheless, today’s Indian Express carried the following editorial, all about the new Professional Code of Ethics.

Indian Express Editorial

With a little digging around, I’ve been able to find the draft Code put out by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE):

Code of Professional Ethics

I’m a little mystified by the fact that this editorial only came out today, but the document suggests a consultation period of 15 days starting from 27th October 2010. Rather like the Right to Education Act itself, the Code starts out with very laudable aims. However, I feel it probably needs considerable debate, editing and refinement before the teaching fraternity of the country are asked to accept it as their own.

Whether you’re a teacher, an administrator, a parent or even a student you’re sure to have views on the content of the draft Code. I would love to hear people’s thoughts – to gather up ideas, thoughts and inputs with a view to sharing them with government in the hope that a worthwhile Code with universal support can emerge.


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  1. Just by way of comparison, here are details of a similar effort to establish a Professional Code of Ethics for teachers in the Philippines:

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