Broadening Experiences of Music

The school has recently entered in to a collaboration with the Lorraine Music Academy to bring a broader perspective to the musical experiences of our children. Music and its appreciation doesn’t just entertain. It also represents an extremely valuable process of learning and ‘tuning’ of the mind.

We live in an age when arguably the opportunities to be aware of, and appreciative of, music from all over the world has never been greater. However, we see too many children here in India whose awareness is still very narrowly based, especially when going beyond the Indian music (traditional and otherwise). The MTV generation tend, often, to believe that TV has exposed them to a broad, balanced flavour of international music. However, this is far from reality and as a result they are missing out on some incredibly rich and rewarding experiences.

We hope this collaboration will provide the broader perspective to bring this richness in to the lives of our children:

Lorraine Cutting


One Response

  1. You dont know what you have done. Give it a year to see first snips coming out.

    Music is definitely in tune with education…hardly any school realizes it.


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