Teachers – Professional Development

There is a strong recognition that if there is to be real change in education and a genuine improvement in overall quality/ learning experiences for pupils then the professional development of teachers is a critical element in the equation.

Edweek Article on Teacher Professional Development

There are plenty of examples to show that achieving effective professional development of teachers is not about just simply increasing investment. It is necessary to go about the professional development of teachers in very systematic ways, combining a judicious mix of off-the-job study and reflection with on-the-job support and mentoring. One of the most important factors is a culture in which peers are ready to share frank and open feedback in a spirit of mutual learning for continuous professional growth.

There has to be a willingness on the part of educators to engage in critical inquiry in to their own practice – acknowledging the importance of process alongside content, both for the teacher and the learner.

This article gives some other interesting observations on what it takes to ensure effective teacher professional development.


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  1. This was the most relevant item I could find to post this link which highlights ONCE again the importance of pay to attract quality teachers and linking remuneration to performance.


    – “Consider three other countries renowned for their educational performance: Singapore, South Korea and Finland. In each country, teachers are drawn from the top third of their cohort, are hugely respected and are paid well”

    – “In South Korea and Singapore, teachers on average earn more than lawyers and engineers, the McKinsey study found.”

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