IT Changing the Face of Learning

As time goes on, it’s fascinating and exciting to see how IT ideas are reshaping the classroom of the Twenty First century and the process of how learning happens.

The Innovative Educator

A couple of years ago, I attended a conference in Mumbai where a speaker’s presentation was broken up with a number of questions to the audience. The audience members each had a keypad and could select their answers on the pad. Soon after pressing the button (like ‘Ask the audience’ on KBC) graphs would appear on the screen to show how the audience had voted. The levels of attentiveness of the audience were certainly far higher than you see at most conferences! No surreptitious texting, even in the back row!

So, keen that we explore how this kind of technology might best be put to work in school – looks like fun!


One Response

  1. Really it shows how we people are becoming more democratic in our approach and this is really essential to make our society transparent . Everything /everyone what ever ever their sizes in length and breadth should be given importance .
    This kind of practice can be implemented in school too where everyone will have right to vote their choices for any changes they need to bring .Even for feedback this is a very right approach, instead of in white and black .These theories can be practised to save trees.

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