A Teacher of Conviction

I have written in other earlier pieces here on the blog about the troubles that the American education system has got in to with it’s heavy emphasis on standardised testing (largely driven by the perceived need to test children’s performance in order to track and monitor the performance of the teachers).

It is a system that pushes a growing number of teachers to ‘teach to the test’. As the article points out it tends towards a ‘sprint and cover’ approach to syllabus and a superficiality in approach to learning which may enable students to achieve scores in the tests, but will leave them ill-equipped when they go to college and beyond.

This piece from Kelly Gallagher, a teacher from California is written with great conviction and well thought out reasoning for why he would rather be challenged for his ‘value-added’ scores of his students, than give a superficial education for which they will pay the price in the longer term.

Education Week Article – Not Teaching to the Test

Whilst commending him for his courage, we have to acknowledge that when the fundamental problems lie in the system few teachers will have the courage or the conviction to go against the system and to follow their belief in this way. Ultimately, solutions have to lie in changing the distorted and ineffective systems. Many of the issues that Mr Gallagher is battling here are mirrored in the current Indian education scenario. There is plainly much work to be done.


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  1. I wish there were more like Kelly Gallagher ………. and yes there is much work to be done…

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