Disillusion with UK School Education

The resistance to change that has been prevalent in education throughout the world in the last 10 years, mean that the pressures of frustration and dissatisfaction continues to grow.

This is an Evening Standard report from London that shows the extent to which OFSTED found boring, dull, uninspiring and complacent teaching in schools and conjectured on the price students were having to pay for it:

Evening Standard article

It struck me, reading this, that in every profession we come across people who are in the wrong place. People whose natural propensities are not really ideally suited to that job or profession, who are not really happy – but, who are not unhappy enough to put themselves to the trouble of getting out and exploring a different job or profession. In most situations, it’s not the end of the world. However, in education and medicine it’s potentially disastrous when the wrong people hang around because it’s just easier than moving to what they should really be doing.

Tragic enough for them, but even more tragic for the pupils or patients on the receiving end. This leads me to think that, as professions, teaching and medicine need even higher levels of accountability so that the “square pegs don’t make themselves comfortable in the round holes.”

Many in school will recall my earlier talks on “What is my Why?” – the importance for each of us to find the significant thing we are meant to do. This is every person’s duty to themselves. The more people do it, the greater the likelihood that the ‘wrong people’ would leave teaching and the ‘right people’ who belong in the profession would enter in greater numbers.

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