Growing Up Digital

Here’s a fascinating, in depth article from New York Times looking at the implications of the way technology is changing the way youngsters use their minds. It conjectures about what implications this can have for these children in the longer term and what might be the response from education.

New York Times Article

Rightly, it highlights that schools and educators are confused. Some see the need to adjust education to meet the changed realities, whilst some more traditional leaning teachers believe there is greater justification to keep away from the technology in the learning domain.

My own suspicion is that the answer lies in neither polar extreme, but rather a blending of learning approaches, some using technology, some not based upon the principles of differentiation and that as educators seek to teach to focus upon different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, so different speeds, methods, approaches, environments and tools are most appropriate.

This is a debate that will run and run.


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