Refreshing Introspection

As this American blogging teacher admits, as educators these days we’re quick enough to suggest that students should be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them – that real learning isn’t about staying safe within what we already know or are proficient at. However, for teachers it’s recognised that they feel a high degree of vulnerability if they openly admit to fallibility. Somehow, teachers feel the need to at least give the impression that they are completely in control, supremely confident on everything and on top of their game in every respect, all the time.

That’s what makes this blog post so refreshing. It’s a teacher, honestly looking back on the things she didn’t get right in the first year of her time in the profession. What she’s clearly realised is that this kind of reflection and introspection offers the best route to becoming better. What she’s also done is offered a gift to her peers, her fellow professionals who can feel a little easier about admitting their own learning journey:

New Teacher’s Blog


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  1. Refreshing Introspection

    I am not a teacher in a school (although I feel quite often that I missed my calling…), but I do feel that parents are teachers in their own right too. In many ways, teachers and parents (atleast the responsible ones..) want the same things for children. It is with this in mind that I can quite relate to this article.

    As Parents and Teachers, we must lead by example. How can we expect children to accept their mistakes and learn from them, if we do not follow this principle ourselves ?? Be warned, today’s child is extremely perceptive. She / he will see through you, if you do not genuinely practice what you preach..

    Also, children tend to model themselves on their parents, or their favorite teachers. I feel, if we were to give children the impression that we have the answer to every question, and we can make no mistakes, there is a great possibility that our kids would grow up to become “know all’s” too.. and I think we all agree that the worst person to be seated next to in a party, is a know all..

    Best Regards

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