Can Neurofeedback Clinically Prove Itself?

Here’s an article that sets out the current balance of views on the validity of Neurofeedback as a valid treatment for autism, ADHD and other conditions. Plainly, before anyone can really be sure of the veracity there’s going to need to be considerably more research, including studies over time to determine whether the purported improvements last:

New York Times article on Neurofeedback

Much of the doubt seems to stem from the speed with which some of those marketing Neurofeedback have been ready to make extravagant claims for it before they have real proof. Nevertheless, it’s going to be fascinating to follow this over coming months.

In the meantime, I found myself thinking whilst reading this piece that if these people are right and the wiring of the brain can essentially be rearranged through an electronic feedback mechanism, then doesn’t that increase the likelihood that it can also be achieved through continuous, determined self-talk or self-feedback. Maybe, after all these years we’ll get some proof that the ‘positive thinking’ gurus were right all the time – that we really can choose how we feel, and as a result increase our likelihood of success. The great news if that proves to be true – it’s all FREE!!


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