Bullying – Useful Resources

Here’s the link to a whole lot of articles and materials on countering bullying in schools from the ASCD ‘Whole Child’ site:

Whole Child Blog – Bullying Resources


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  1. http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/08/fighting-bullying-with-babies/

    I thought putting this very important piece on some latest findings about “dealing with Bullying Behaviour” might spark a thought somewhere about new ways of addressing this serious and pervasive issue.


    • What a fascinating article. I hadn’t seen it, so am really grateful to you for sharing it. It’s perhaps apposite that it comes on to the blog on the very day when four bullies were convicted for the culpable homicide of Aman Kachroo.

      I am certainly ready to believe that the answers to prevent future tragic losses like Aman is to start with children at the youngest school-going ages with learning that builds skills of empathy. It appears to me that’s what this programme was doing. I also believe that some processes like Circle Time also offer ways to build empathy skills in non-threatening ways.

  2. 🙂 Am happy to share if it brings in more awareness and like to believe that many people visit and read this blog.

    In that context i would like to add this link too. It was the follow up piece to that same article by the same person [appeared last Sat]



    • In this follow up piece, the paragraph that really jumped off the page to me was the following;

      “Why would bullying get worse? One explanation is the way children form hierarchies. W. Thomas Boyce, a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia, has found that within the first two weeks of kindergarten a hierarchy is established ─ and, over the course of the year, the subordinate kids actually experience declines in their physical and mental health, as reported by teachers. It’s not clear why, but Boyce suspects that stress is a big factor. “Some classrooms are quite egalitarian,” he explained. “Others are tremendously despotic.” He added that the philosophy of the teacher makes a big difference. “Some go out of their way to convey the message that all the kids have value,” he said. “Others ignore it or almost cynically use it as a way to control behavior.”

      It really highlighted to me that any teacher who is not paying full attention to hierarchies in the classroom, even at a nursery level, continually is neglecting a fundamental part of their role that will be having potentially negative effects on some children in the class. Also, allowing such hierarchies to prevail sends messages that can, over time, become legitimisation of escalation to more forceful tactics. ‘Bullying’ as we tend to think of it is really the part that has come way above the water line. But, like the iceberg there is masses below the waterline that is still part of the iceberg – and therefore cannot be ignored or treated as insignificant or unimportant.

      Thanks again

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