Life Changing Experiences of Mission Julley

A nice piece of coverage from The Times of India, as some of the students who went to Leh to distribute the relief materials reflect on the experiences and their impact:

TOI Article

There’s further good news. Over the last couple of weeks the fund raising at Aravali has really picked up momentum, especially with Shri Sangeet and the sale of beautiful mirrors and tiles decorated by the students.

Captain Archana has helped us to identify one more school near Leh which is in desperate need for help. So, the relief materials will be gathered in the next few days and dispatched as soon as possible, especially as winter there is closing in rapidly, temperatures dropping and the need for warm clothing is now urgent.


2 Responses

  1. These 19 children have learned what would never go off their mind. This could also be a point in their life where they learn 3 Cs of life i.e. Consideration,Care and Courtesy which is mostly missing from Indian mindset.

    How can an outsider participate in this act? Can we come to your Aravali branch school and donate some?


    • If you wish to donate then, yes, you may give a contribution at the Aravali campus and that would be wonderful. With school closed for CWG I would suggest you phone the campus before going there on: (0)124 4784300

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