All Piglets are Equal

An interesting perspective on issues happening in Indian school education, especially the impact of Right to Education Act in Delhi.

The writer has identified a risk we already fear specifically relating to a school like ours. Interesting questions – if he’s right and political pressure seeks to make a mockery on EWS admissions in to our school, what should our/ my responsibility be? Give in and let the ‘powers that be’ dictate crooked admissions processes, or stand up to them? And, if we do the latter, will anyone come and bale me out?

Mohit Satyanand Blog Post

One Response

  1. Stand upto them. You loose too much by giving in anyway.

    Moreover, at your position, you are well placed to stand upto them.

    By the way, as long as, you work as per law/rule, politicians can only trouble you for a bit, but they can never make you do wrong or what is not written in law unless you happen to be in places like UP or Bihar where rules dont rule.

    For cities like Delhi/Gurgaon, where public awareness is high and media intrusion is high, it is not easy to flaunt the rule blatantly.

    Agree, being in Delhi/GGN also exposes you to high political interference, nevertheless, at the end of the day, cant force you do rather unfair things to a large scale.

    Go by the book and keep your motive right, it always keeps head high and is never and I say again, never, repenting.

    Believe in good karmas, they are paid in this lifecycle itself.


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