The Teacher in the 21st Century

Here’s an interesting article exploring the changing role and increased importance of the teacher and the processes of teaching to bring about the changes required in education to make it adequately relevant in the 21st Century.

A changed world requires a changed perspective on what teachers do and how they do it – and this isn’t just about tweaking things a little here and there.

Teachers Net Gazette article
(Click on this link, read the article and then, please share your views on it here.)


2 Responses

  1. It is a good article. How important a teacher is to student is nicely compiled in this paragraph from the above article:

    “When we interviewed, Kathy Cox, former state superintendent of Georgia, about the influence of teachers on student success she explained, “Nothing is more important to the student’s success than a positive relationship with the teacher regardless of interferences to their education such as a tough home life, limited parental support or socioeconomic level.”

    However, it speaks most about what a ideal teacher should look like in changed world today. It speaks less about how really a teacher can be made teacher of today? though it mentions actions that can help but it misses the crucial part of ‘motivating a teacher’.

    Even when you give best of the world training to teachers so that they become teachers of today and not teachers of 1965, it really does not ensure that teacher has enough motivation to really impart the education the way they have been taught to?

    As long as its just another job for teachers, I really doubt, a teacher understands the need to really be a teacher.


  2. I quite agree with Ashish’s last line….. And ofcourse the article contains some really hard hitting facts…………

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