Manipulated Children

Here’s a really good article from Mint, forwarded to me today, that focuses on how quickly children in India are falling in to the ‘consumption trap’ of obsession with brands. Sadly, as the article hints at, but doesn’t quite come out and say children are ready prey for this partly because their parents are guilty of defining their identity and self-worth on the basis of possession, consumption and spending power;

Mint Article

In my opinion, this can never be a healthy state of affairs, but will ultimately result in a great deal of misery and sadness in the society.

I believe today three of the most valuable questions people can be asking themselves are;

1) If I lost everything i possess today how would the people i call friends view me/ behave towards me?
2) In those circumstances how would my family members view me/ behave towards me?
3) In those circumstances what would i perceive of myself/ my worth in the world?


2 Responses

  1. Your three questions are loosely connected with concept of austerity and beautifully described in Bhagvad Gita and this is not the right forum to debate on it. But you raised right questions, for sure.

    Achieving austerity of thought is an important aspect of living.


  2. This is a very valid concern and we are seeing this trend in our own Gurgaon millenium city children.Had a 9yr old child in my OPD the other day,came alone for consultataion with driver,and wanted prescription of zero power lens.Why do you want to wear glasses if you do not have a refractive error,I asked him baffled.He proudly showed me his spectacles frame and said coz he wants to wear this ARMANI frame his parents have gifted.I pretended to be ignorant n asked what is so special about it,his answer…It is a top BRAND!! left me speechless…OPD is not a place where i could give him a lesson on values,austerity etc etc but parents and school should be very concious of this and make a constant effort to inculcate the right values and austerity of thought as has been earlier pointed out by Ashish.

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