Education World Survey 2010

The September/ Survey edition of the magazine is out and ‘the punters’ have given their verdicts on the top schools of the country.

The main news points for TSRS are;

a) When the school was ranked as the number 1 recognised day school in the country in 2008 and 2009 there was always a slight doubt as to whether we were being treated as one school or two. This year that matter has been clarified as TSRS-Aravali makes its debut appearance, in its own right in the list.
b) The Vasant Vihar/ Phase III school has been rated number one in the Northern Region, number 2 in the country, behind Cathedral School, Mumbai. We can live with this (!) and can certainly congratulate Cathedral on their achievement. If we’d kept number 1 any longer we’d have had to listen to more of the innuendo about whether rankings were ‘fixed’ etc. Also, as a school that’s ready to examine itself critically on an ongoing basis, we welcome the challenge to raise the bar. Growth in competition means more decent quality education for more children across the country.
c) As I said, TSRS-Aravali has achieved a ranking for the first time in only its 10th anniversary year. It joins the chart at number 7 in Northern Region, number 12 nationally. This is the highest debut by any school this year or last year.
d) The VV/ Phase III performance is more consistent, overall than last year, appearing in the ranking lists for ‘Quality of Alumni’ and ‘Sports Education’.
e) Compared with our peers at the top of the list, we’re scoring a bit low in Infrastructure provision. This was something we recognised even 2-3 years ago, but as we’re seeing, improving the infrastructure is not a quick process. Nevertheless, the new facilities on the way will make a big difference.

So, congratulations to all the members of the TSRS community who have contributed to achieving the 2nd and 12th positions in the country. Here’s to strengthening the school still further from here onwards.

Education World Magazine online

Best Day Schools league table
Day-Regional tables

The first link above takes you to the website that explains the basis of the survey and some of the major trends. Then, the three links above are three pdf documents (you will need Acrobat Reader to open them) that provide the national day schools list, the regional lists and the lists under each of the measured parameters.


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