Vigilance Against Bigotry & Hate

I was saddened yesterday to read this story from the UK Guardian newspaper. It’s evidence and proof that, especially in times of economic downturn there will always be a manic crazy few who will feed off others’ delusions of right and entitlement to whip up xenophobic bigotry on the streets of any country in the world.

Guardian report on EDL

The ‘English Defence League’ (I don’t consider they’re defending anything quintessentially ‘English’ on my account!) is just the latest manifestation. They attract trouble-makers, people who have a history of failure to live as effective members of society, and provide them with a pseudo-political fig leaf for their hooliganism. These people have usually made no effort in the education system, have no inclination to bring about anything positive in their own lives, but resent that the world does not hand them everything they want on a plate. When they don’t have or get what they want, it’s a simple step to believing that the presence of foreigners is what’s denying them.

It often seems an irony to me that when these hooligans have smashed each others’ faces in at football matches, it’s frequently Indian doctors who patch them up, or even save their lives!

This is all nothing new. Right back when i was in school I was a fully paid up member of ‘Rock Against Racism’ and the ‘Anti-Nazi League’ – stickers, badges, banners etc. Sadly, they got hijacked by the loony-left fringe – which was when i decided I didn’t want to be part of any narrow polarised extreme:

Wikipedia – Rock Against Racism
Wikipedia – Anti-Nazi League
Research Material on RAR, ANL and British Fascism

It is vitally important that all right thinking people remain willing to stand up to the negative forces that want to turn nations and people against each other, fuelled by their petty hatred.


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