The Impact of ‘Outliers’

The pendulum has swung all the way from, “My child’s a prodigy, move him/ her up two classes” to the reverse.

Wall Street Journal article

I can’t help thinking that the evidence presented by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers, has played a part in reshaping thinking in the US and suspect it will here as well. All I ask is that I never have to listen again to a parent playing roulette with their child’s future as they seek the social power lift that comes from an offspring’s ‘double promotion’!!


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  1. I guess in India the thinking has been there since long.But it was stigma as well to repeat a class or be more age than the class average.
    It was considered to be a matter of pride, if you were promoted two grades in a year.
    The smarter parents took care of it right at the time of preschool. They would give the age of their six year old as four year. That solved every thing.
    This is existing still with our municipal bodies churning out birth certificates with data as per your wish, at mere 200 bucks extra.
    I am facing the same problem now. My six year old ,who was in grade one, was taken in class two at one of the Gurgaon School when we shifted from Lucknow last year. This they told was as per the school & CBSE norms. When we first went in a parent teacher meeting, we were aghast to see his peers. They were all seven and eight year old . Between six year old and eight year old there is a huge developmental difference both physically and mentally.When this was pointed out two the teachers, they said they know it but what can they do.
    And we are still wondering, what shall we do?

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