CBSE Recommended Reading List

The CBSE wants children to be motivated and encouraged to read more, so they’ve produced this list:

CBSE Book List

Whilst I don’t intrinsically have anything against any of the books on the list I am surprised at a couple of things. I found myself wondering how much time the makers of the list have spent around children.

For example – Class V and VI children to read Famous Five and Noddy?

Also, there’s very little that’s ‘new’ to balance out the classics, which would probably cause an awful lot of children to get switched off this list. Where is Percy Jackson or the Whimpy Kid?

In my experience, the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl would need to be moved down by at least one age bracket – maybe two.

Perhaps the panel to choose the next list might have some children on it, avid readers themselves.


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