Parental Involvement – Impact on Pupil Achievement & Adjustment

Here’s a really interesting report based on 2003 research in the UK, prepared for the British government, looking at the linkages between parental involvement and children’s adjustment and achievement at school.

An interesting read:

(click on the link above to download)


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  1. Dear Mr. Parkinson,
    Agree with the need for parental involvement totally. In that context, I am writing specifically to comment on what I perceive as apathy of parents. The objective being to catch the attention of parents who frequent your blog.

    The PSA is struggling to get volunteers for everything from nominating CR representatives to traffic duty.I fail to understand why parents wouldn’t volunteer for things like traffic duty which would need maybe 1 hr across the year if enough people came forward. Is it that we think that once our children leave home , the entire responsibility lies with the school? Then it is probably an extension of lack of involvement in our children’ lives? Or is it that we are uncaring citizens per se? Or is it larger and means a lack of conscientiousness ?

    Would it be wrong then to make bus duty/traffic duty mandatory ?(incidentally, the school my daughter went to till an year ago made it mandatory for all parents whose children took the bus to do bus duty once a month).Funny that we have to be forced to do things which actually would come most naturally – ensuring safety/security of our kids.

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