Sport’s Influence on Children

Nobody should ever underestimate the size of impact on children from sports.

I blogged a few weeks ago that Vedaant Nag of the Aravali Campus had won a competition making him one of the lucky students who would be taken by Adidas to South Africa to be at a World Cup match and to carry the ‘Fair Play’ flag on to the field.

For those who didn’t see it, here’s the story from Hindustan Times. Vedaant is not afraid to acknowledge just how much these ‘stars’ of the sports field mean to children like him. Could there be any better reason why they must accept society’s right to hold them to high moral and ethical standards?

Hindustan Times Article on World Cup


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  1. My son had had the opportunity to spend five days amidst the FCB players at Abu Dhabi last December and I know exactly what you are talking about. His favourite player is not the amazing Messi but the unassuming Spanish mid-fielder, Andres Iniesta. He adores him not just for his play-making skills but for his fair-play and gamesmanship on the field (unselfish he calls it, because he creates the play so that the attacker may score).

    Needless to say that eventhough he had interacted and had photos taken with most of the players including Messi and has a jersey with all the players’ autographs, he was most thrilled when Iniesta autographed his personal jersey, shook hands and posed for a picture with him.

    In light of the above, it is disturbing to have witnessed the manner by which the Uruguayan team inveigled itself into the semi-finals of the World Cup! If they happen to win the cup would they really be able to drink from it without choking?

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