The Downside of Giftedness

Here’s a fascinating perspective on giftedness that doesn’t tend to get the attention it requires.

Here in India we tend not to have too many schools running separate ‘ Gifted’ programmes – yet. However, it’s something under consideration in quite a few schools across the country, especially where parents are asking for special programmes for these children.

In two earlier blog articles I explored a number of other aspects:
Educating Gifted Children
Gifted Children & How to Meet Their Needs

However, here is an article that was an eye-opener for me, exploring how the children themselves feel about carrying the label: Gifted:
Education Week Teacher Blog Article on Giftedness
(Click on link above to read article)


3 Responses

  1. The key for an educator lies in striking the balance between the social, emotional needs of a gifted child along with a stimulating program to encourage the child’s gifted potential.

    If we look around closely we will discover many ‘gifted’ individuals suffering from low self esteem and often slipping into depression as adults.

    Education( between school/college or at home from family) should help a child to be balanced and confident to face the challenges that can come up in life.

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