Curriculum Flexibility Matters

It’s flavour of the month for politicians, ministers and civil servants (all experts on education, of course) to talk about needs for ‘a national curriculum’, especially for science and maths. None of them are too clear about WHY there’s a need for a national curriculum, but it sounds pretty good and jolly knowledgeable!

However, here’s the very reason why a national curriculum, or any kind of overly rigid dictation of what is to be learned, by whom, when can be a disaster.

ABC News Article
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I personally get really saddened when i see major events happening in the world, yet passing the classrooms by because “it doesn’t fit with what we’re doing this month”. Imagine, for a moment, what that experience must be like for a child. The TV news, what parents are talking about etc. is all about something major happening in the world. And yet……, their classroom remains like a timeless bubble, the land that time forgot – a place untouched by the real world outside. Should we wonder at all if children start to question the relevance of school?

By all means determine some key skills and competencies that students should be able to exhibit within a certain length of time, within each subject – but then, i believe the ministers and civil servants need to get out of the educators’ way and let them do their job. If they want to make themselves useful it should be to ensure that all teachers get the training and professional development to have the means and the flexibility to take learnable/ teachable moments and make the best of them.


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  1. I TOTALLY agree with ‘flexibility of curriculum’.That is what we teachers need to be absolutely confident about …to allow flexibility to be the norm for every ‘learnable/teachable’ moment.I love every discussion/activity triggered off by a child’s query about current happenings around the world…these moments make every session so alive, so real and immensely interactive….. thus adding a deeper meaning to the whole process of learning. A great sense of belonging floods into that moment of learning/teaching…leading to the nurturing of young minds who want to understand situations and come up with solutions! ….

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