Aravali Construction Update

Here’s an update of what’s been happening at Aravali over the last few weeks. Those of a sensitive disposition or inclined to extreme nostalgia might prefer not to look at the photos below!

Progress has been a bit slower than we might have liked, but we’re pushing on with a very clear action plan.

Firstly, Shri ARCS is really taking shape now and promises to be a wonderful new building. The kitchen installation has gone well and the dining halls are taking shape:

Junior School dining hall – ground floor

Senior School dining room on first floor

Upstairs, the activity rooms for Junior School are taking shape:

Multi Purpose Hall

First we had to move the trees:

Then, sorry, but the amphitheatre had to go:

Then we started digging:

Then we dug even deeper:

There is now even a Shri Ram fleet of donkeys!

And, when you finish digging, you have to start filling it all in:


7 Responses

  1. It is really a great idea to update us. Feels like as if we all are part of this construction process.
    One suggestion- the school’s interiors should be made colourful and attractive esp the junior one . Kid’s favourite characters with some inspirational quotations can be used for the decor.

    Thanks and all the best

    • The internal decor for Shri ARCS will certainly be very colourful. Probably not in the first stage (getting the building ready to open and occupy in July) we will not incorporate so much, but over the next few months there are plans to incorporate murals, mosaic floors and some other features, some of which we will involve the students in producing.

  2. Son had been hoping to see a spanking, new school so yes, he is disappointed. He has long since dreamt of individual lockers and slick classrooms. Wonders if you’d at all consider increasing the holidays to make up for delay –staying abreast of the World Cup is proving to be hard work 🙂

    Thanks for the photos…it’s wonderful for parents to get a preview of the ongoing frenetic activity.

    • The course of construction projects here in India certainly never runs smooth. One consolation is I’m certain we’re not as far behind schedule as the CWG venues!!

      Pace is picking up now and son will certainly find plenty of change when the students return in July – not quite a spanking new school yet, but we’re heading that way.

      • Agree with you on sluggish development for CWG. Let’s see if Metro finally reaches us or takes us to any place of use. Its stations look rather unfinished and may amount to hopping over rubble to reach any train…

        Look forward to a first-hand account of changes from the son.


  3. Hi ,
    Just curious why are the lawns / grounds being dug up , what is made there .? only knew abt the cafeteria building ..
    When will the work get finished in the lawns.
    Also why do the parents need to go to pick the grade 3-5 kids , suggest they could come down with the bus children & parents show card & take the child.. just a suggestion.

    • Dear Deepika

      The whole project is far bigger than the addition of the one building;

      a) New fifth floor – furniture just being finished and processes for getting completion certification well in hand.
      b) Shri ARCS – two floors of dining halls and kitchens, two floors of activity rooms for the Junior School (art, drama, dance, 2 computer labs etc.)
      Work nearing completion and completion certificate application in process.
      c) Multi-purpose Hall – indoor combined gym big enough for two indoor basketball courts or 8 badminton etc, assembly hall, stage for performances etc. – that’s what’s coming up in the middle of the building. The earth pile will be used to do in-fill when basement is complete and then we can reinstate the games field.
      d) Shri Aadya – new Elementary ‘green building’ – Leed Certificated (delayed by some legal issues being clarified)
      e) New 5-storey Learning Resource Centre (not started yet) – a mega-library with advanced facilities for students’ self-directed learning.
      f) Retro-fit of existing main building to permit middle and senior school to operate onb the basis of departmental hubs designed to meet unique needs of their subject(s).

      it’s a challenging project with a long way to go yet. However, if all bear with it the campus will be really enhanced when it’s all over.

      As regards your second question regarding departure processes all schools have to do what is best for a safe, smooth dispersal at the end of a school day. It is very common in many countries for bus dispersal to happen first, followed by those children who don’t use the buses. Aravali has 31 buses to ‘load up’ with children ranging all the way from Nursery to class XII. This has to be done swiftly, efficiently and safely and therefore we cannot have the ‘non-bus’ children and parents in the area at that time.

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