John Wooden – Way Beyond A Cliche

At times it can get a bit tiring to see the frequency of examples from sports used to make points in management textbooks and books on leadership or other life skills. However, the first time I came across writing about John Wooden, the great NBA Basketball coach, I figured there was something rather unique about this man.

The more I have learned about John Wooden, the more I respect what a great man he was. He passed away last week, revered as few sports figures have ever been, especially one who made his name as a coach, off the field of play.

It’s clear that not only did Coach John Wooden realise that you need to be an expert in the sport, but you also need to build knowledge and awareness about human character, the psychology of success and how teams operate. Few did all those things as effectively as he did.

Here’s a great series of quotes culled over his many years as a coach:

Los Angeles Times Article

Coach Wooden also created something known as the Pyramid of Success:


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