Tony Buzan on Mindmapping

I have long been a big fan of Mindmapping as a way of organising thoughts. I’ve been using them for over 20 years now for planning speeches and presentations, organising projects, lengthy pieces of written work, even for problem solving.

I advocate them for students for essay planning, chapter reviews for revision checking understanding and test and exam preparation. In TSRS we’ve found that they are especially useful for children with special needs as aids to learning and retention.

It saddens me sometimes that students learn about mindmaps, acknowledge them as a great idea, but fail to make them part of their own habits. When I quiz them it’s usually something related to – ‘people like me don’t do stuff like that’, ‘my mates will think I’m weird’ (peer pressure to keep each of us ‘in our place’ is alive and well!!)

Here’s the originator of Mindmaps, Tony Buzan, talking about them;


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