Why We Are Working With Franklin Covey

In July last year the management team of the school started working with local trainers of Franklin Covey South Asia. We had a three day retreat at Sariska looking at the 7 Habits and foundations of leadership. These were explored both from the perspective of how we can be more effective individuals in all aspects of our lives, how we can be a more effective management team and more effective leaders.

However, there is another level on which this and the subsequent follow up sessions have just been the first stage in a longer journey. ‘Leadership’ in the personal sense offers an opportunity throughout an entire school to ‘work at source’.

We hear lots of times about schools running programmes with students about values, about bullying, cyber/ online risks, smoking, drinking and substance abuse etc. However, i always have a strong sense that these are addressing symptoms rather than tackling issues at their root.

The following article written by Stephen Covey for the Huffington Post perfectly explains the approach that we are exploring.

Stephen Covey Huffington Post

We are already in discussions with the Franklin Covey heads in Delhi to explore training for in-house trainers who will help us to spread the programme throughout the school. The argument is a simple one: children (people) with strong character built through strong, healthy productive habits have strong self image. As a result they are far less likely than others to engage in inapprorpriate, self-destructive or negative behaviours.

This will be a gradual process, but i will put updates here as time goes on.


3 Responses

  1. Mr Parkinson,

    I am so very impressed with this training being followed by a school. You also mention you wish to spread this programme throughout the school and percolate it down to every student. That is commendable. I have been through the 7 habits training and it has changed me as a person. In time to come you will see not only effective tutors, students with great leadership qualities but most senstive people.

    I stumbled upon your blog whilst going through school websites. I am curious to know whether your school encourages and supports sportsmen. Especially where they are following a high level goal and are on a mission to represent their country.

    Kind regards

    • Hello, I’m glad you liked the ideas on application of 7 habits in school. On your final point – yes, we do provide support for students who are pursuing sports seriously, especially when with a view to representing their country;
      a) Work going on with creation of virtual Learning Environments to enable absent students to hook up online with classmates,
      b) Extra worksheets, alternative test dates etc. for students travelling for events,
      c) certain dispensations sometimes available from ICSE Council for flexible approach,
      d) NIOS as an alternative curriculum of equivalent stature for those who need it.

      The best thing would be to take an appointment with one of the Principals and they would be able to discuss needs and propose potential solutions.

      • Many thanks for your prompt and encouraging response. It does address the biggest dilemma we are faced with currently which is balancing our son’s sport with his studies. His training schedule requires him to take short trips to Europe and some time off from school for competitions. His trainer is based in Europe and is in Delhi 15 days a month to train both the horse and rider. As a background our son, 12 years old is a national level horse rider and has won at the recent FEI Dressage event. He is currently studing in Chandigarh but training in Delhi. We have set up a private facility for him at Chattarpur and a home in Gurgaon. He nurtures a dream of representing India at the Youth Olympics in 2014. I do appreciate your advise and will take this discussion forward with the Principal. The solution you observe is immensely helpful.

        Thanks again and I must also put on record my admiration for your and the school’s farsightedness.

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