Children’s Vacations

here’s an interesting blog post from a working mother who really puts her point across very well about how long summer vacations are doing no favours for the children and no favours for the parents.

We at TSRS do have a unique ‘on-off’ issue this year where we need a longer summer break to allow for critical construction work at Aravali. With the children out of school we can work a lot quicker and be sure that no children are being put at risk when it comes to safety.

However, in other years my sympathies are with this mother and her children. There’s been plenty of research done worldwide that shows clearly that long breaks are detrimental both to learning and the skills and habits of learning. Also, as she quite rightly points out, it’s not as if the children are getting to spend the 2 months “running free”.

You really have to stop and ask at some point – who is this serving and in what way? And, if the answer’s not good enough we have to commit to change things:

A mother’s plea

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  1. I agree to the view that the current summer vacation is too long, (almost 10 weeks this year). Almost all the kids are enrolled in some activity or the other only to get them out of the parents’ hair.

    I also dont subscribe to the concept of “holiday homework”. It is an oxymoron. I had never even heard of the concept until my son started school and initially I was quite aghast when the school sent a work book for the purpose. Holidays are holidays and homework is homework and never the twain shall meet. If I am not mistaken, in Madras where I come from, even now summer vacations are simply that, a break from school work, a time for running free.

    Six-weeks break sounds ideal in summer. We already have a break in October for Diwali/Dussera. A fortnight or so during Xmas and another week for Easter shall do nicely. These mid-term breaks shall provide relief from the monotony of regular classwork and tests and, help kids rejuvenate and recharge their batteries. Kids shall actually look forward to going back to school!

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