The Importance of Sleep

Here’s an interesting story from the BBC about a school in Scotland that is ‘teaching’ sleeping – I couldn’t agree more with this.

Informally, I carry out my own research when talking to students in our school and quite frankly get horrified at how little sleep they are getting on school days.

What scares me even more is when i see write-ups suggesting strong correlations between sleep deprivation and diagnoses of ADHD. Many of the children diagnosed are put on to powerful drugs such as Ritolin.

I fear that one day we will have no choice but to acknowledge how the potential of these children was blighted by a simple lack of creating positive healthy routines in their lives around the issue of sleep.

But, then it will be too late to do anything about it.

BBC Article on Sleep

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  1. Dear Mark

    There has been a lot of discussion but no action on this topic for several years, not only in India but abroad too. Generally, the school timings have been cited as one of the main causes of “Sleep Deprivation” in kids.
    I recently moved to India from Singapore where schools for primary kids start at 7 am and I was used to see sleepy kids walking in dark, reluctantly towards their schools, most of the times pulled by their parent. Every year, this topic was debated hotly at various forums but unfortuantely no action was ever taken.

    But are the school timings the only cause for this? When I was going to primary school, the amount of time I spent in school was almost same as what my kid spends now but I still managed to get @9 hrs of sleep. Why – the primary reasons being –

    1. Commuting – It took @15 min for me to walk to the school. My son takes @35 min. I saved 40 min per day.

    2. TV/Internet and other stuff – I did not have TV to watch. So after school, it was play time and then dinner/bath and bed. I was in bed max by 08:30 pm. My son finishes his dinner at that time.

    3. Extra Curricular classes – I hardly had any. My son has at least 3 per week.

    and many others.

    However, this is no way to undermine the necessity or benefits of watching TV or the Internet or extra classes. Its just a matter of discipline for parents and kids to manage these things wisely and ensure that kids get enough sleep.

    The bottom line – its not only the long school timings contribute to the lack of sleep, parents and their expectations from their kids too is a huge contributor to this.


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