Sleep Deprivation Effects on Children

If there is one thing that has continually disturbed me since i came to India, it’s how late children go to bed. I couldn’t understand it when i was in a restaurant at 10.00pm at night and would see so many children still running around. As time has gone on I’ve come to know the full extent. Let’s not even talk about the number of children getting up and going to school (after their late nights) without eating any breakfast!

There is an increasing amount known these days about sleep deprivation and none of it is good. And, i’m not even just talking about the older students who perpetuate the silliness of their parents’ generation – somehow fooling themselves that staying up until some ungodly hour staring at a book is a great way to prepare for an examination the next day. The fact that we were stoopid enough to do it in our time does not mean it should be continued – each generation is supposed to learn something from the mistakes of their elders!!

My concern is probably more with the small children, little children who are simply not sleeping long enough and are therefore going through the early part of their lives in a severely sleep deprived state. There appears to be a strong connection scientifically proven between sleep deprivation and ADHD, where the two have the propensity to worsen each other (see articles below)

ASCD Article
Web4Health Article
Psych Central Article

Now, when we know all of this why would so many otherwise caring, devoted parents who want their children to excel in life consciously put their children at risk in this way? This is, I guess, a plea for more family discipline for the sake of our children. I’d love to hear more children tell me about regular bedtime routines that start early enough, include real quality time interacting with one or both parents, reviewing the day in a quiet peaceful manner, reading a story and off to sleep at a good time.

Sweet dreams, children ….. for a brighter future !!!!

2 Responses

  1. Completely agree with you. One of the reasons children prepare for exams but fail to answer creatively to questions that test application rather than rote is that they are too exhausted. Staying up late has become a norm and somehow the ability to sustain oneself on less sleep is perceived by the child as heroism since only sissy “mommy’s darlings” go to bed on time.Could we have a lecture on this subject in school to all the students?

  2. […] if we neglect their sleep, or fail to achieve effective sleep patterns and habits for/ with them: December Article March Article June […]

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